About Us

The history of 9th and 9th jewelers begins when Joe was in high school. Joe grew up learning from his parents, [MOM] and [DAD]. His parents were rare rock hunters and owned a business called The Vug. Learning about rare rocks from his parents, Joe began learning about these gems while also designing customized rings in high school. He wanted to pursue the career that his parents had dedicated their lives to.

In 2003, Joe purchased The Vug from his parents. His parents retired first to Saint George, Utah, and then to Quartsite, Arizona, two of the premier locations in the United States for people looking to collect rare Earth gems and minerals. Joe went to work building on the rare Earth gem business his parents had developed.

While Joe enjoyed working with rare Earth gems, he quickly realized that his true calling was in making the custom engagement rings he had experimented with in high school. He renamed his parents’ business from The Vug to 9th & 9th Jewelers. He went to work perfecting his craft, always making sure that the new couples had perfect customized rings that they would wear for the rest of their lives. Over the years, Joe’s family has grown to include his wife, Laura, his kids, Braxton, Lilly, and Lucy, their Bassett hound. While the business and his family have grown over the years, Joe’s dedication to his craft remains the same. He has developed an impressive track record of happy and satisfied newly engaged couples who appreciate the time he spends making sure that every facet of their rings is perfect for their marriage. Joe has taken the family business his parents worked hard to develop and grown it to the successful 9th & 9th Jewelers that it is today.